Party Wit Frank at the Trocadero 7-23-2016, Revisited

Fronted by Tiger Lilly and Quiet Wyatt, Party Wit Frank is a Philly band with a unique sound that I enjoyed from the start.

I filmed a bunch of performers that rainy summer night at the Trocadero, and was lucky enough to secure a spot on the empty balcony to set up my cameras and dry off.

For this shoot I operated two cameras manually (a Canon T5i and Vixia G20) and had both an iPhone and GoPro set up elsewhere, the latter on stage where it was often blocked or repositioned – lesson learned. I was also excited to use my new 50-250mm Canon lens which got me the closeups I was hoping for.

I like how the final videos turned out. The third one I worked on (It’s All Good), I experimented with a bit. I was inspired by the B&W style of the old TV show The Untouchables and wanted to emulate that old, flashy yet gritty look. Of course, I love the marriage of music video with B&W anyway and really enjoyed how it ended up looking. I hope you do too!

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