Philadelphia Electricians Germantown Home Rewire

This video was made for Generation 3 Electric in Philadelphia and shows what goes into the rewiring of an historic Germantown home.

Bill and Debbie from Generation 3 , as well as the homeowners, were great to work with and the shoot was a lot of fun in this beautiful home. In fact, the runtime I had in mind for this video was initially 4-6 minutes (because – attention spans). But, there was so much good stuff in the footage that it ended up clocking in at just over 7 minutes. Hopefully folks find the info in the video as interesting and entertaining as I do and it doesn’t feel 7 minutes long. It probably could have been 20 considering all the interesting bits I had to cut.

The rewire took place over the course of about 5-6 weeks and there were 3 separate shoots at the home. That resulted in a poop-ton of footage and audio; just under 4 hours total and 132GB of media.

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