Portable Generator Manual Transfer Switch Installation in Levittown, PA

For me, this video really hits home. Actually, this is my home in Levittown PA. And, now I have a manual transfer switch installed so that I can plug a generator in if the power goes out. The good folks at ECI Comfort, who also happen to be my full-time employer, wanted to make a promotional video for their generator campaign. I happened to be interested in having one installed due to constantly losing power, seemingly every time the wind blew.

Getting the generator installed must have been good luck because I haven’t needed to use it yet. But, it’s great peace of mind and I’m going to feel pretty fancy when my home has power and the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t during the eventual snowpocalypse.

You can see the original blog post on ECI’s website HERE. Please to enjoy the video and my so-so voiceover work.