Spooky Halloween Tour of Eastern State Pen

Last Halloween I took my trusty Canon 7D, a wide angle lens and handy GoPro to Eastern State Penitentiary in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia, Pa. The building was fascinating and I highly recommend the self-guided tour. I hoped to make this video as hauntingly beautiful as the historic prison itself. Please to enjoy it with headphones for maximum spookiness 🙂

Additional footage shot by Mike Gospodarek.
Music by: http://www.purple-planet.com

St. Michael’s Fair 2014 – View from the Ferris Wheel

As per yearly tradition, my Mom and I took a ride on the Ferris wheel at St. Michael’s fair last night. Only, this year, my trusty GoPro came with us.

Many of us Levittowners are very nostalgic for St. Mike’s fair. For that reason I tried to make the video look like a moving Instagram picture. To do that I applied a 70s filter to the clips and used classic digital fonts for the text.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep the GoPro steady while it’s on an extender. I applied a stabilizer in Final Cut Pro X, but it just made the footage look unnatural. So, I decided to go with the shaky, more natural look to go with the nostalgic theme.

Hope you enjoy it!