I’ve been a fan of the movies my whole life. From the early days of silent movies, to the classics of the ’40s & ’50s, to the more contemporary films of today; I’ve been studying movies for decades.

Ever since my first iMac, back in the summer of 2000, I’ve been shooting and editing my own videos. Back then it was usually goofy videos made with friends at ball games shot with my lousy, three megapixel camera, but it was great practice. I became enthralled with the editing process and I continued filming all that I could.


With the popularity of internet video and general affordability of equipment I decided to make my hobby into a career. Since 2013 I’ve been producing all sorts of high quality videos for a wide variety of clients. Every movie offers a new and exciting set of challenges and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of turning those into a video that my clients and their viewers enjoy.

When it comes to my craft, I’m a perfectionist! It’s never satisfying for me to just slap something together. I’ll give your film the attention it deserves and fuss over every last detail until you think your movie looks great!


Creepy the cat enjoys dankellyfilms.com!


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