Portable Generator Manual Transfer Switch Installation in Levittown, PA

For me, this video really hits home. Actually, this is my home in Levittown PA. And, now I have a manual transfer switch installed so that I can plug a generator in if the power goes out. The good folks at ECI Comfort, who also happen to be my full-time employer, wanted to make a promotional video for their generator campaign. I happened to be interested in having one installed due to constantly losing power, seemingly every time the wind blew.

Getting the generator installed must have been good luck because I haven’t needed to use it yet. But, it’s great peace of mind and I’m going to feel pretty fancy when my home has power and the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t during the eventual snowpocalypse.

You can see the original blog post on ECI’s website HERE. Please to enjoy the video and my so-so voiceover work.

The 2014 Landis Cup Million Dollar Charity Shootout

This is the second annual Landis Cup Million Dollar Charity Shootout, held on Veteran’s Day, and I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to film this event both times. The first Landis Cup was held in 2013 and the 2014 event was bigger and better. Every year The Landis Family Charity Foundation challenges golfers in the Lehigh Valley to play golf for health and wellness as well as charity organizations.

Even though (spoiler alert) nobody got a hole in one to win the million dollars, it’s great to be a part of an event that benefits so many charities and honors the Veterans that have served our country. And, as a workplace for a day, a golf course is pretty sweet! Please to enjoy the 2014 Landis Cup. You can see the 2013 event HERE.

Enabling Peace On Earth LIVE! 2014 – The Sandbox Rock and Roll Orchestra – Full Concert

I’m proud and excited to share my first full-length concert video and would like to thank Jim Lopardo for inviting me to film this awesome Christmas extravaganza this time around! For the past few years, Jim, of Sandbox Music Productions, has assembled some of the area’s most talented artists from local bands to put on this spectacular holiday show. This time, on December 23rd 2014, the venue was the historic Bristol Riverside Theatre, and what a night it was!

The sell-out crowd files in to see The Sandbox Rock and Roll Orchestra's annual Christmas concert.

The sell-out crowd files in to see The Sandbox Rock and Roll Orchestra’s annual Christmas concert.

I truly loved filming and editing this concert and I hope it entertains you as much and that some of you make watching this concert a yearly tradition. Enjoy the show 🙂

Portable Generator Customer Demo for ECI Comfort

Here in the northeast, after dealing with Superstorm Sandy and the horrendous winter of 2013-2014, us folk have had just about enough of unpredictable power outages. I filmed this for ECI Comfort, a local HVAC company and it portrays a 72-year-old customer demonstrating how easy it us to fire up her portable generator and power the home until the utility comes back online.

You can get a free estimate from ECI Comfort at their website.

Giana Lynn Performs Her Original Song – Lipstick at Mikestock 2014

Last September was the annual Mickstock, a backyard music festival held in Bensalem, which was opened by the lovely Giana Lynn. When I film music I often have to look up a song that I’m not too familiar with in order to find the song name and artist so can label it correctly.

I was so sure that I had heard this song before but, to my surprise, I found out that it was a Giana Lynn original. There’s something so familiar and catchy about this song and, needless to say, I was very impressed with her singer/songwriter stylings.

Warning: This song may get instantly stuck in your head!

If you’d like to support some local music, go a head and check out here Facebook PageSoundcloud, and the Giana Lynn Store


The Sandbox Rock & Roll Orchestra – Blue Christmas

This year I was invited to film the Sandbox Rock & Roll Orchestra’s 3rd annual Enabling Peace On Earth show at the Bristol Riverside Theater. They played to a sold out crowd and put on an awesome show! This is just a preview of, what will be, the whole show. I can’t wait until I’m finished editing the complete show so it can be unleashed on the interwebs. In the meantime, please enjoy their version of Elvis’ Blue Christmas – one of my personal favorites!

Jim Vanore: Behind the Bookseller – The Original Dan Kelly Film

I started working at Barnes & Noble in Fairless Hills, PA in 1996. Five years later our beloved store manager, Jim Vanore, announced that he would be leaving the store to start his own painting business. Many of the employees wanted to do something special as a sendoff for Jim. My contribution was this video, with the help of said employees.

This happened at a perfect time. It was 2001 and I had recently purchased a Macbook with a whopping 20GB hard drive and I was anxious to try iMovie. I also had a fancy 3 megapixel Canon Powershot that took video. What a crazy future it was!

Though, editing this video on my MacBook’s internal hard drive may have ultimately destroyed that laptop (lesson learned), this piece of art was well worth it. Only a handful of employees got to view the video initially as the iMovie file eventually deteriorated and became unplayable. But, alas, the original footage was discovered years later and reassembled.

This VH1: Behind the Music style mocumentary is, quite possibly, my favorite Dan Kelly film.

Giana Lynn Performs Pompeii at Mikestock 2014

Giana Lynn performs Pompeii at the annual music festival in Bensalem, PA known as Mikestock on September 27th, 2014.

Giana opened the Mikestock festivities this year and I loved her performance. My only regret is that stinkin’ music stand obscuring her face on my GoPro footage. I didn’t notice it until I got to review my footage and I swear it wasn’t there when I was setting up. Hopefully the beautiful DSLR images make up for this blunder. Like her Facebook page HERE. Enjoy!